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Hanging With The Locals, owned and operated by Carmen McAlpin-Clarke started in 2017 and stems from the pride and passion of showing off our beautiful island to several friends and family members who have visited St. Croix over the years.

As native virgin islanders we are offered a quality of life that includes tranquility, historic pride and preservation and great cuisine with a small town feel.

St. Croix is the largest of the islands in its territory that make up the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) and is a hidden gem often overshadowed by her sister island St Thomas who has blossomed from the attention of millions of visitors every year.

St. Croix, known as a twin city, offers a combination of lush landscapes, blue seas and rolling mountains.

Come spend the day hanging with the locals and allow us to show you around and share our beautiful island, culture and customs.



Meet Carmen, your host! She's the best local you can hang with. Very connected and has great fun personality that would ensure you have the best experience on St. Croix! 




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